plant services & conditioning equipment

Paulson Premium Seed has incorporated a Satake II 800 Color Sorter into the processing plant. It is capable of accurately color sorting processed commodities. News story.

Some examples include:

  • Contrasting colors, classes, bleached or discolored kernels which reduce the grade
  • Wild oats or noxious weeds in seed grains
  • Mixed commodities such as wheat and durum
  • Foreign materials mixed in grain

Our plant has quality conditioning equipment available which enables us to condition seed for planting as well as process grains for commercial use. At our facility we can process peas, lentils, chickpeas, safflower and all small grains. Our facility includes this processing equipment:

  • Satake ll800 Color Sorter
  • Carter Day 510 Air Screen Cleaner
  • Carter Day 6-Drum Precision Grader
  • Carter 2532 Disk Mill
  • Oliver 240 Gravity Table
  • Oliver 160 Gravity Table
  • Destoner
  • Fischbein Electronic Bagging System

bagging services

Paulson Premium Seed and Conditioning provides a selection of bag sizes for your product using our Fischbein Electronic Bagging System.

Product packaging is available in:

  • 50 lb. Bags
  • 100 lb. Bags
  • 50 kg Bags
  • 2,000 lb. Tote Bags
  • Bulk Loads

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