Mexican trade delegation visits ND

By Nathan Hughes
Bowman County Pioneer - Bowman, North Dakota - October 7, 2005

BOWMAN - A visiting group of international cattle industry representatives stopped in Bowman on October 1 as part of a regional tour this week.

The delegation was scheduled to visit several dairy farms, feedlots and feed mills in western North Dakota as part of the tour.

Most of the group comes from Jalisco, Mexico. Among the representatives were 5 feed buyers, sponsored by the Mid America International Agri-Trade Council, a consortium of the state agriculture departments of 12 midwest states, including North Dakota.

Also in the group were several advisors to agricultural organizations, as well as 2 representatives from the Jalisco state government's agriculture division.

Jalisco is Mexico's leading cattle-producing state and imports up to 80 percent of the protein it needs for its livestock industry.

Mexican cattle producers currently use mostly soy-based feed products, according to Bobbi Talmadge, a Livestock Development Specialist from the state Department of Agriculture who was accompanying the tour.

Of particular interest to the delegation was the potential to replace current soy-based products with pea-based feed. A need that could potentially create a tremendous market North Dakota feed products, says Talmadge.

While in Bowman, the group stopped for a tour of Paulson Premium Seed.

Several members of the Paulson staff met with the group, including Les Paulson and plant operator Levi Paulson. Guille Irons, also of Paulson Seed, helped overcome language obstacles by translating.

Among the discussions were concerns over price differences between feed options, as well as questions regarding the viability of using pea-based feed products for other livestock, such as pork and chicken.

Despite the language barriers, and differences in currency and weights, the visit was a successful one, according to Diane Paulson.

The delegation liked the area and were very interested in some of the products we offer, says Paulson, who met with the group again in Bismarck for dinner on Sunday.

In addition to Paulson Premium Seed, the group was scheduled Saturday to visit Woody's Feed and Grain in Dickinson, the Andrews Ranch in Bowman, the Amdorfer Feedyard in Hettinger, as well as Scranton Equity and Berger Cattle Co and Feedyard, both of Scranton.

The delegation was also scheduled for several other stops in North Dakota, before heading to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.

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