Paulson Seed responds to Katrina

Les and Diane PaulsonKarla Germann - Bowman County Pioneer - September 16, 2005 - Bowman, North Dakota

North Dakotans are stepping up to the plate in helping to meet the needs of Hurricane Katrina victims with monetary donations and in food products through Operation Dakota Giving.

In a recent N.D. Dept. of Agriculture press release Paulson Premium Seed and Conditioning of Bowman was named as a significant contributor to the relief operation. Owners Les and Diane Paulson have donated 46,000 pounds of lentils to help relief efforts.

Just prior to Katrina¹s arrival the Paulsons had shipped a truckload of lentils to Texas but lost the sale when they couldn¹t get the delivery there quick enough. After the product had arrived their fuel costs skyrocketed making it a costly proposition to bring them back to North Dakota.

Les Paulson said that they decided rather than paying for the transportation costs they would donate the lentils to help hurricane victims. He said lentils are easy to cook, high in protein and a good quality food.

It's just a good thing to do. Maybe somebody will help me out someday, he said.

According to the press release other North Dakota food businesses that have made significant contributions are Cloverdale Foods, Dakota Growers Pasta, the North Dakota Mill and Roman Meal Milling.

Producing America¹s food is what North Dakota does best, and Operation Dakota Giving gives us all the opportunity to produce that food for Americans who need it the most,² said Robert Carlson, president of North Dakota Farmers Union during a Bismarck press conference last week.

N. D. Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson said he has spoken directly with his counterparts in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi about identifying needy rural communities and coordinating the delivery

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