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Chinese trade delegation visits Bowman - Bowman County Pioneer - August 21, 2006

Paulson Seed responds to Katrina - Bowman County Pioneer - September 16, 2005

North Dakota Companies to Expand European Markets - North Dakota Trade Office - October 12, 2005

Mexican trade delegation visits ND - Bowman County Pioneer - October 7, 2005

Hi-Tech Color Sorter Arrives at Paulson Seed - Pioneer Publisher/Editor - April 22, 2005

Associations Links

The USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council: A non-profit organization founded in 1965 for the purpose of promoting and protecting those engaged in growing, processing, warehousing, and merchandising peas, lentils and chickpeas.

Northern Pulse Growers Association: A nonprofit association representing dry pea, lentil, chickpea, lupin and fava bean growers from Montana and North Dakota.

North Dakota Grain Growers: Buyers & Processors - North Dakota is a leader in the U.S. wheat industry, ranking second among states in total wheat production and first in the nation in the production of hard red spring and durum wheat.

North Dakota Agricultural Association: The Association promotes the stewardship of our soil with the proper use of high quality seed, plant food, crop protection products, and related equipment. We actively support education as it relates to better understanding and proper utilization of crop production practices and products.

North Dakota Wheat Commission: The North Dakota Wheat Commission works to sustain and expand use of wheat grown by North Dakota farmers by creating worldwide market opportunities through efforts including opening overseas markets, reinforcing consumption of grain foods, developing new wheat varieties and influencing international import and export policies.

ND State Seed: The state designated-authority for seed certification, seed regulatory and laboratory testing services to North Dakota producers and the agriculture industry.

Northern Crops Institute: Supporting regional agriculture and value-added processing by conducting educational and technical programs that expand and maintain domestic and international markets for northern-grown crops.

The North Dakota Trade Office: The North Dakota Trade Office is dedicated to expanding North Dakota exports to high-demand foreign markets through advocacy, education and expertise.

North Dakota Safety Council: A non-government, not for profit, membership supported organization dedicated to helping make our state a safer and healthier place to live. With more than 950 member companies representing all sizes of all industries, the NDSC is an active participant in influencing safe work practices all across North Dakota.

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2008 North Dakota Agricultural Facts & Statistics: ND Dept. of Agriculture (PDF)

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Pride of North Dakota: Pride of Dakota is a program filled with opportunities and benefits for companies that produce, process or manufacture a final product in North Dakota.

Agricultural Links & News

AgLink: The latest agricultural related online news service. New Resource for the Online Farmer provides a much-needed service to farmers by centralising all of these websites in a user-friendly format.

Midwest Shippers Association: MSA was created through an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature. This unique public/private partnership is designed to promote and facilitate direct sales of Midwest agricultural commodities from Midwest producers to end-users, both domestic and international.

Wild Bird Feeding Industry: A trade association for the wild bird and backyard wildlife feeding industry. Our members include the packagers and processors of the seeds, suets, and nectars consumed by wild birds and backyard wildlife, the manufacturers of bird feeders and backyard accessories, as well as wild bird specialty stores and other retailers.

USDA Northern Grain Inserts Research Labratory - Agricultural Research Services: The Mission of the NCARL (North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory) is to develop, evaluate, and transfer sustainable production and bioprocessing systems that enhance environmental quality and provide profitability for agriculture with emphasis on integrated pest and crop management and agricultural product development.

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