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Les Paulson started Paulson Premium Seed and Conditioning in 1982 in Bowman, ND. It was aptly named Bestway Grain Cleaning. Seeing a need for portable conditioning in the local area he started his business with his experience in farming. This and a growing knowledge over the following years would supply him with the background to build a stationary seed plant in Bowman, thus, changing Bestway Grain Cleaning to Paulson Premium Seed and Conditioning. All the while still providing the portable conditioning that his customers had come to know and trust and extending his experience to his new stationary plant.

Paulson Premium Seed and Conditioning was in the planning and discussion stage for several years. During the past years of managing and operating the portable seed conditioning business, Les had the opportunity to work directly with his target market. He listened carefully to customer concerns, needs and demands. During this period he also researched the business needs of grain buyers. All discussions verified a regional void in the industry and the strong need for a certified plant. (North Dakota AG Facts)

Les and his wife, Diane, made the decision to expand their business into a seed and conditioning plant east of Bowman (see map). Construction began September 1997 and the plant opened March 27, 1998. Spring seed sales and conditioning were the main focus that first spring in operation. While overseeing management of the plant, Les concentrates much of his efforts on obtaining new, quality seed suitable for producers in this region. He has also been instrumental in introducing successful new pea varieties to the area. He spends considerable time researching new seed, as he believes it is important for progressive producers to have access to seed with traits & characteristics which result in better production and improved products for buyers.

Diane Paulson, a CPA, oversees all accounting functions for the rapidly growing business. Marketing, advertising & promotions are also her responsibility.

In the fall of 1998, we began developing markets for locally produced crops. Paulson Seed began shipping safflower for bird food. That grew into a major portion of the business and is shipped nationwide.

Paulson Seed continues to develop markets for specialty crops including chickpeas, lentils and peas. These products are shipped to both domestic and international buyers.

Currently, the focus is on continued growth and market expansion. In order to accommodate these changes, a warehouse for storage and additional hopper bins have been added at the plant grounds. A rail siding with onsite bin and warehouse storage is available for hopper or box car rail shipments. Conditioning Equipment is being installed to cleam commodities directly into hopper cars.

Paulson Premium Seed & Conditioning is committed to providing premium service to area producers and to developing International markets for processed grain products.

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